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January is National Citrus Month!

January 12, 2024

January is National Citrus Month! Learn more about Florida Citrus, enjoy fresh recipes, and dive into the history of our state’s citrus.

Try Some New Recipes:

    1. Our 2023 Florida Future Chef Finalists were challenged with including Florida Citrus into their dishes. See how they were able to incorporate it in new and unique ways!  FFC Recipes
    2. Fresh From Florida publishes recipes of all kinds, including citrus focused meals and snacks. Enjoy something new during the month of January!

Know Your Citrus:

    1. Not only should you enjoy citrus treats this month, but you should also learn more about where it is produced and by whom! Meet the growers of Florida Citrus over at Florida Department of Citrus’ website:
    2. The history of Florida Citrus dates back farther than you think. Check out this Florida Citrus timeline from our friends at the Florida Department of Citrus: